Airblow Will Release The Concept Of An Invisible Umbrella In 2050

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If you want to fight and you are tired of fighting wind with your textile umbrella shields on a rainy day and this umbrella is hard to hold it, so that it will not go inverted.


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Now You will be glad to hear about the Airblow 2050 that is futuristic and invisible umbrella concept.


Airblow 2050 1


Quentin Debaene  is the French desinger of this future airblow 2050 umbrella concpet and he has recently received a nomination for the James Dyson Award.


Airblow 2050 10


Unlike usual textile umbrella shields , the  Airblow 2050 concept uses a powerful stream of air to cover you from the heavy rain that other umbrellas are not able to do this very well.


Airblow 2050 2


Dyson motor  is powerful motor and it can silently draw in and it push out air in that speeds that will keep its owner of Airblow 2050 umbrella from being hit by the rain.


Airblow 2050 3


Airblow 2050 umbrella is currently just a concept of future umbrella, through it is planned to be available in the market before 2050.


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