Climate Controlled Domed City: Coming Soon in Dubai

Dubai is going to amaze us again, being a home to the world’s tallest man-made structure- Burj Khalifa, the rulers have announced to be working on a project called Mall of the World which is going to be the world’s  first climate-controlled city. The design for the same is completed and it is soon to be under construction as per the reports. This 18-million square foot hyper purified bubble would possibly include residential areas, offices, hospitality and even entertainment and its will be new Dubai Domed City. The people could live, work and enjoy without being in touch with the real atmosphere.




This would be a comprehensive pedestrian city with a substantial amount of activities for leisure, recreations, and wellness. This city would have nearly 300 individual buildings and 33 networked roads, 1641.496 square-feet of paths and plazas. To our surprise, it will also have artificial waterways, buses, metros, train stations and world’s largest indoor theme park.


This jaw dropping city will be located in the center of Dubai which is an all inclusive lifestyle center. A considerable number of neighborhoods will also be created with the feel of a real city. The residents or the tourists living will miss only a few things such as rain, sandstorms, fog, hail, and the cozy winter.

Facilities for the Tourists:

In order to cater the tourists, it will have approximately 20,000 hotel rooms. It has been evaluated that more than 180 million visitors would be here annually. The name Mall of the World is a bit understated as this place is far more than just a mall. It is determined to be nine times bigger than the Mall of America.

Idea Behind the Creation:

The entire city would be covered by a glass dome which will be open only during the winters.  The main aim of the creators is to deal with the hostile climates in that part of the world. The temperatures in Dubai are already being brought down with the help of various techniques applied, but it would be a difficult task if the global warming continues. Hence, a domed city Dubai will be a relief in such situations.


The CEO of the Dubai Holding states that they will be using state of the art technology to make the city eco-friendly so that it consumes less energy and ensures operational efficiency. The approach is thoughtful keeping in mind the wellness of the people and the environment. The construction of this city will take place in two phases, the groundbreaking will take around 18 months and the rest of the city will be completed by 2020.



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