Future Food Deliveries : DoorDash Starship Robot Food Delivery in Redwood

Hey folks I’m starving, DoorDash comes up with a Starship Robot for food deliveries in Redwood City, California. Guess we born in best time because of technologies type writers to pamtops to cellphones, apps, electric cars like tesla in our age, moreover now people think to spend some years of life to red planet.

Anyways, let heading towards main topic. Starship Robot speeds up to 10 mph, but is limited to 4 mph for safety. Once DoorDash delivery is placed, that little robot car navigates to restaurant where DoorDash handler puts the food inside, for protection 6 wheel car would be open by the recipient. Furthermore, for more protection Starship Robot have 9 camers, GPS, ultrasonic sensors obstacles detection for and alert systems.

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