Futuristic Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator

Electrolux Design Lab holds annual competitions with others for creating home appliances or gadgets with a fresh theme each year. Electrolux Design Labe is ready to give a new design to present household appliances or gadget that would be used in 2050,  which would not only save on space but would also be save  energy efficient.  Yuriy Dmitriev is a  student from Russia came out with the concept of the Bio Robot Refrigerator or Bio Polymer Refrigerator in which luminescence is used to cool the biopolymer gel and thus keep the food  and fruits cold.


Features Of Futuristic Electrolux Bio Polymer or Robot Refrigerator

1. The process of work of Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator does not require expenditure of energy for cooling products.




2. Design Feature :-  The size of this refrigerator is 4 times smaller than the conventional refrigerator, Electrolux Bio Polymer can change its shape  depending on the intensity of its use. It becomes more or less depending on the number of products that it will be contain.



3. You can place products in this refrigerator without shelves and door and also you can place it vertically and horizontally.

 4. Biopolymer gel by touch as polythene is not sticky and it has no smell.




5. Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator has high density storage, and its volume is used as efficiently as possible.




6. Products in this refrigerator are easily accessible.



7. Completely silent operation, no moving  part.




The biopolymer gel of Electrolux Bio Robot Refrigerator which is non-sticky. The food items are inserted into this gel of refrigerator which creates separate pods in the process of encapsulating the food items.  The design of this refrigerator looks very surreal and contains no shelves and also no drawers or doors  and the Bio Robot Refrigerator cools all the individual food items  or products according to the optimal temperature.  Biopolymer get is one single piece of green gel that is contained in a frame of robot refrigerator and is four times smaller than the size of a regular refrigerator.




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