Myth Buster about the iPhone 8 is for all the Apple Addicts there

The most interesting chit-chat topic for all the Steve Job’s fan these days might be the release and features of the most awaited iPhone 8. Well, there is no denying the fact this phone is going to be the next big thing in the world of smartphones. Apple has never let us down. But the biggest buzz is the launch of the phone on the. The 10th anniversary of the launch of original iPhone. There is a prodigious number of rumors stating that the on the launch in around September, this phone will have impressive features such as wireless charging, fingerprint scanning and face detection abilities.

However, many rumors are there across the world, here are some of the most interesting ones: 

  • Design: Looks of a phone are the most talked about topic before its launch. As per the rumors, this phone will be a tribute to the iPhone 4 and somehow resemble it. It will have glass panels on the front and the back will have polished stainless steel in the mild frame. It will use top notch 2.5D glass which will merge with the mid frame on both the ends. It has also been said that it will come in two sizes 5 and 5.8 inches with edge-to-edge OLED displays.
  • Facial Recognition: This has been hinted through a patent filed by Apple to bring facial recognition camera in the next iPhone. As per the studies, Apple has been testing the 3D face recognition system for a while and this new phone will be powered by a brand new 3D sensor which will even work when the phone is kept on the table and will not always require a close up of the face. The main idea behind this concept is to replace the touch ID fingerprint scanner which is there in the pre-existing phones.
  • Expensive: The current cost of an iPhone 7 and iPhone 7 plus is between $649 and $969 for the high-end models. But it is expected that the latest member of the iPhone family is going to cost more than $1000 which will make it the most expensive phone ever. Do. you really think so?
  • Home Button: Apple has done experiments with the home button and they have been successful in the past years. It is believed that the home button on this phone will not be visible as it will be replaced by a static force sensitive button which will use Apple’s brand new “Taptic Engine” to answer to user’s touch. It will add fingerprint sensor on the screen itself.
  • Back Camera with 3D Lasers: The advancements in the Science and Technology have made it easy to think of anything. This interesting rumor suggests that the iPhone would amalgamate 3D lasers to the rear camera. However, many reports suggest that it will employ Vertical-cavity surface-emitting laser system (VCSEL) and this would improve the autofocus potential for a much genuine experience.

 Though Apple has never failed to impress us, this is the time to wait and watch what it has for its users this time. We can always expect improvisations from our most trusted brand Apple.



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