All you need to know about Mark Zuckerberg’s Jarvis

The Facebook’s CEO is still fond of coding. He has spent the entire 2016 on a brand new life changing project, which is a comprehensive model to complete all the personal challenges and household chores at his home. Isn’t it amazing? Guess what he has named this inventive creature? It’s Jarvis, Yes the one similar to the Iron Man’s Jarvis in your favorite “Marvel” comic.

Earlier in 2016 Mark Announced to be working on a not so complex Al that would be controlling his entire home including the music, lights, temperatures, kitchen appliances, security and other household tasks. However, this Al created by Mark can actually entertain his daughter Max, It is occasionally annoying for his wife due to the artificial intelligence and lack of common sense. But yeah, Mark has constantly worked to make it more comfortable for the family.

Mark Zuckerberg’s artificial intelligence

How is Works:

 Mark’s Jarvis works on artificial intelligence techniques which include processing the languages, recognizing speech and face and reinforcing the learning. This speaking application is built in Python, PHP and Objective C.

Zuckerberg initially connected the different systems which use distinct languages and protocols in order to give commands via computer or phone to turn the lights off and play his favorite song.

This Al understands the behavior and habits of the user in order to perform the tasks assigned. It can learn the synonyms of various words and know the context of the action. If it does anything which is not required or is wrong, Zuckerberg corrects it instantly so that the task is performed in a better way next time.

Tasks Jarvis-style Al could Do:

Besides, the above mentioned basic tasks this Jarvis Al could do, here are a few more amazing things that can help in making life hassle-free:

Know your Day’s Schedule: Yes, you read it right. Jarvis can possibly be like your personal assistant informing you about your entire schedule for the day.

  • Teach Languages: This intelligent fellow has a teacher inside it. It can teach the little ones different languages.We should say, Max has a pretty high-tech teacher for her.
  • Stay Updated About Happenings at Home: Even if you are far away from home, Jarvis will let you stay updated about home.
  • Security: Jarvis has a face recognition feature which helps it act as a security guard and inform you about who is at the door.
  • Play your Favourite Movie or Songs: This Al knows it all. It plays your favorite music, movie as per your mood.


Voice Behind Jarvis:

Though initially, the voice of Jarvis was a bit scary as per Zuckerberg’s wife, he worked on the voice and now the final voice is by Hollywood veteran actor Morgan Freeman. His voice was a suggestion by more than 50,000 people who were being asked about ideas for a home Al. The actor voiced the Al system promptly and it was ready to be used.

Mark Zuckerberg is planning to build more capabilities in this system Al in order to make it better and user-friendly. He has even asked the viewers to give some insight on improvements which can be made to the system before it is out for the use of common man.



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