Transparent Mobile : Who will launch first???

Taiwanese experts Polytron Technologies is trying to  create a prototype of transparent smartphone. The video of this amazing smartphone is available on the intenet that will very soon announce in the mobile market. For latest update about this transparent mobile keep visit


The practical benefit of transparency is questionable, but the appearance of this smartphone is definitely able to attract attention. How did Polytron show the idea of transparent implementation of smartphone is quite possible at the present level of technology.

The source notes that the prototype only arranged elements of the device, performance is not optimized yet. A key element of the prototype is the Switchable Glass screen, which is used to obtain images by liquid crystal molecules. While not all components are transparent. Through the hull the visible memory card, battery, microphone and other internal peripherals, which gives the product a certain resemblance to some species of fish. What do you think who will launch this concept of smartphone first?? iPhone!!, Android!!!, Facebook!!!, Samsung!!!!, Sony!! or other company of mobiles.

Those who would like to purchase a transparent smartphone should wait for Polytron, who promised that the device will be available later this year. The mobiles from the future will have the above mentioned functions and many more. I think within ten to fifteen years all these will be common. Many for advanced technologies will also be used but we are discussing only about some major things. Your comments will be my fees if you like it


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