Transparent Space Concept Smart Phone

Mobile devices have become very popular, but users are still limited to interacting with a small flat screen. World of  fiction(Space) brings concept phone into the mobile or electronics market and the idea of this concept phone takes from transparent concept smartphone or touch phone. But from previous transparent smart phone or touch phone , in this concept phone come with one step forward  with its twin splitting and also it has transparent display or screen.




Although creator or designer of this concept phone or smart phone focus only on the navigational aspects. The interaction between user and this concept mobile phone is done with the help of videos, photographs or even  surfing the internet.



Structure Of Transparent Space Concept Phone :-

Space concept phone splits into primary mother screen and a supplementary lens, kept in synchronization via wireless connection. This enables new and engaging interactions. When navigating a route that goes beyond the mother screen, simply detach the lens and continue. The map is thus extended into an unlimited virtual phone.





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