Travelling Companion Panorama Camera

While you are traveling out from your city and in unfamiliar city, and especially in abroad, often have difficulty and face more problems due to unfamiliar city. There are many software or application available in the mobile application market related to navigation, but they do not provide clear picture or ways of unfamiliar city. Travelling Companion Panorama Camera is like a camera that brings together a wide range of digital capabilities and these are,

1. GPS

2. Camera

3. Mobile Phone

4. and many other functional technology.




While going on a trip well take care of that in there were satin, mobile phones or etc. (if well with GPS navigation functionality), camera and many other important items that are not necessary to pick. But such an extensive mobile or other items prevent enjoy travelling.



Han Li is the Chinese tourists designer that invented innovative and creative camera.

Working Of Transparent Touch Screen Camera :-

The transparent touch screen camera allows you to track path of unfamiliar cities and also provide more information about unfamiliar ares of the city or country and the room for maneuver on the route.




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  1. i think you have missed a big idea with this it should not be one set thing but a phone.

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