LG  : Flexible 18-Inch Display Concept

LG : Flexible 18-Inch Display Concept

LG builds a concept of screen or TV that you can fold it like a poster. The main feature of this product of LG is that it is flexible.┬áKorean electronics manufacture delineates new type of flexible screen and main features are, Ultra Slim Rolls Up like Poster Flexible Display 18-Inch OLED Panels 1200 * 800 Resolution       Not only these features, this display of LG is relatively large and it can be rolled into a tube to a radius of just 3 cm without affecting the screen at all.   In the technology world, it is not first transparent screen or display concept , but it would have tremendous impact on people in future. LG says, “Flexible display concept is achieved an impressive 30% transmittance which is shake up from past transparent LCD screen”. With this speed up, viewers of this concept display are able to see things behind this screen more incontrovertibly, which can be helpful in many...

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LG : Future Mobile With Tremendous Speed  Marvelous Technology

LG : Future Mobile With Tremendous Speed Marvelous Technology

Mobile phones are advanced with such a tremendous speed that the marvelous technologies of today will be invalid soon. To feed the mobile industry researches are going on. The mobiles of the future will use such technologies to perform amazing deeds and things that is beyond our thinking for today. Here I am going to envision some of the cell phones of the future. 3G will be invalid soon, because there will be 1-2 GBPS speed connections with very low rentals. To handle huge data flow LG company will set up a large number of mini mobile towers connected with the main data flow via optical cables. Existing electric connection system will also be utilized. So, your future mobile handsets will fetch data more quickly. A future mobile will be a true connection wizard. Outside the company network two cell phones from the near future would connect with each other from a considerable distance. These handsets will also have the capability of sending massages or voice over satellite networks when needed. Very soon LG mobile devises will use Carbon Fiber for shell. The handsets from future will be practically indestructible. These will be shockproof, fireproof and waterproof. The future cellphone will be very light and thin. Some of the handsets will be very odd looking or too small. Many handsets will be worn like...

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