Five Technological Advancements that are Ready to Shape the World


Technology is constantly growing and now it has touched almost every part of the human lives. The advancements which were only existent in the science fiction have now turned into reality. There has been a noticeable move in the technology in a prodigious number of sectors including transportation, health care, and space exploration. So here we present five such advancements which are already in the market but not so popular yet.


  • Asap Dash: Can you imagine your life without your smart phone? It has become such a necessity and has replaced dozens of other gadgets including a watch, camera, alarm clocks, recipe books, encyclopedias and a lot more. Asap Dash is the world’s swiftest battery pack with the power to charge an iPhone to 100% in 5 minutes. It charges 16x faster as compared to the standard power banks available. It has 1200 battery life cycles with 5000 mAH and weighs less than 180g which makes it fit every pocket easily. Isn’t it amazing?


  • Rocket Book Wave Notebook: This is actually a magic book for a layman. It is a notebook which provides the liberty of a conventional pen and paper notebook while letting you save all the notes into the cloud with the help of your smartphone. To add a cherry on the top, you can easily erase the notes using your microwave if you use Pilot Friction pens to write. This takes the same time as making a coffee in the microwave. You can easily reuse the notebook and have your notes saved in the cloud.


  • Cicret Bracelet: Since smart phones have become an essential part of life, the makers of this bracelet thought of letting you have your smart phone all the time without carrying it in your pockets. It is a working prototype. It works via motion sensing system on your wrist with the help of pico projector. You can actually have your smart phone on your arm while bathing, driving, or traveling. You can attend calls, send emails and do anything you wish to with the help of this magic bracelet.It comes in both 16 GB and 32 GB size and is available in 10 colors.


  • Pulse Band A6: This band acts like your very own health advisor. It is an intuitive, intelligent and a cost effective solution for a better lifestyle and healthy habits. It acts as a heart rate tracker, workout intensity tracker and optimises your health. It can also be synced with your smart phone and give you the important notifications from the phone. This smart band has a battery life of 10 days and records everything from your sleeping patterns to walk, amount of water intake, calories intake and lets you know about the intensity of workout required.


  • Bulbing: Meet bulbing, a state of the art solution to light up your life. It is a warm LED light elegantly designed and gives the look of a 3D bulb. It is made up of 5mm thick acrylic glass and comes in wide ranging designs as per your needs and requirements. You can set any mood as per your wish. It is a dream come true for all the romantic couples out there.


Well, the technology is never going to let us down in any way. Stay tuned with us for more updates on the latest technological developments taking place.



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