Google & Levi’s Commuter Smart Jacket

Google with Levi’s is ready to take IoT to the next level: Smart Commuter Jackets

Today at Google’s I/O conference, Google’s ATAP (Advanced Technology and Projects) research unit announced an update on its upcoming interactive fabric or textiles product.
Almost two years ago, Google and Levi’s announced that they would be come together in the market to introduce smart clothing. Smart clothing which enables the wearer to send instructions to their smartphones like answer call.


What technology is used?

Last year, first announcement of Google’s partnership with Levi’s in the news. But these two companies hadn’t  yet divulge how the manufacturer of clothing would implement Project Jacquard’s technology.
They use Google’s Jacquard technology to transform the jacket’s fabric into what’s basically a canvas that’s get instructions by body gestures.

What is the use of this jacket?

Google with Levi’s manufacture this Levi’s Commuter Trucker Jacket aimed at urban cyclists  and bike commuters that will allow wearers to do following things,
  •       answer their phone calls.
  •       control their music.
  •       access navigation and more.

This jacket looks very similar in terms of looks to other Levi’s commuter coats or jackets. The only different feature of this Commuter jacket is a small, screen less fabric touch interface of the left wrist.
All these functionalities will be control by tapping and swiping on the jacket’s sleeve.

Different Gestures:

The touch interface on this jacket can recognize five gestures:
  • Brushing Out
  • Brushing In,
  • Double Tapping,
  • Full Palming,
  • and making a Circular Motion.

This commuter jacket will come with mobile application, in which users can set control of jacket with each gesture,such as stopping and starting music, checking the time, receiving directions, dismissing or accepting phone calls, and learning about new texts.

How do we wash it?

Now, we are thinking. If it is electronic jacket, how do we wash it? According ot Ars Technic, the tecnology that enables its smart capabilities is found in a removeable USB drive. It plugs in under the left wrist. To keep this commuter jacket in working, we can also charge this USB separately.

What is launching date and price of it?

This smart jacket is called commuter and these two companies have finally confirmed that it’s going to be launched later this year and price of it around $350.

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