5 Unusual Gadgets For Your iPhone

First off, I’d like to thank New Hi Tech Gadgets for allowing me to share my insights on some of the most unusual gadgets for the iPhone. They are my go to place to learn about the newest, upcoming, and often unusual tech gadgets.

The iPhone has become an incredibly valuable item in the lives of many. It has replaced alarm clocks, maps, CDs, house phones, and even nutritionist for some. As iPhones have increased in importance, the accessories to go along with iPhones have increased as well. Here are a few of the weird, strange, amazing and unusual accessories out there that help iPhones do more than they already do.

Bluetooth Handset Gloves

The hand phone has been around since as long as hand held phones have been in existence. As a kid playing house you would answer your fake hand phone, or you may have used the hand phone in a game of charades. Now you can finally live your dreams of using your hand as a phone with the Bluetooth Handset Gloves. Okay, maybe this is not your dream, but it’s quite amusing.

IPhone Solar Charger

Being out in the wilderness is usually the perfect time to digitally detox. But, as we become more accustomed to technology, this can be a challenge. Today, we can access apps that give us wilderness safety tips, help navigate off Wi Fi, and even help us stargaze. There’s also the fact that iPhones are the new digital cameras. We need our phones full of juice so we can Instagram our hike pics later. Thankfully for those of us who just can’t seem to manage to be without our phones, there is the iPhone solar charger. As you may have guessed, this charger uses energy it gathers from the sun to charge your phone. However, you of course need to have sunlight to use the charger, so be sure to find a nice spot for your charger to absorb energy during the day.


That’s right. You can now turn your iPhone into a breathalyzer with BAC Track. The iPhone breathalyzer attachment syncs with a breathalyzer app on your smartphone. You have the option to personalize your breathalyzer experience. You can record what you drank, ate, and how you feel. The app will also allow you to guess your BAC, and record how your guesses improve over time. While it is important to not rely solely on an iPhone breathalyzer to track your BAC, it is a great tool to help you get to know how your body reacts to alcohol and how to stay safe.

iPad Lock

The iPad Lock is literally a lock for your iPad. People often worry about their iPhones or iPads being stolen. There are apps that will track your phone, or lock people out of your phone so they are not able to take your information. However, iPad Lock takes locking your iPhone to a whole new level, and helps you physically lock your iPad so no one is able to steal it in the first place.

However, for those who truly worry about the safety of the information on their iPhone, a VPN is a great accessory to add. The iPad Lock and phone tracking app will help keep your phone safe from a physical robbery, but a VPN is one of the only accessories that will keep it safe from a cyber-attack.

Beanbag Cellphone Chair

It can be hard to imagine a world before your iPhone. We rely on our phones for directions, advice on what to eat for dinner, to track how many steps we walk in a day, and sometimes to even call our friends. What I’m trying to say is that our iPhones do a lot for us, and they deserve a break. The iPhone beanbag chair is the perfect place for your iPhone to sit and do nothing. You could also just set your phone on the countertop, but a personal beanbag chair for your iPhone is much cooler.

Have you used any of these accessories? What other unique and unusual accessories have you found or used for the iPhone?



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