Eye Computers : Concept made human’s life bed of roses

Gone are the days to use computers, laptops, tabs as well as mobile Gadgets. Did you think once that our eyes are the mouse of a computer in future. Yes! It is with the help of Eye Computers and humans can click on whatever they’re looking at. By making tiny clicking sounds with mouth and also with high pitched clicks.

Moreover, by Futuristic Eye Computer Concept human life became bed of roses. First of all, humans could talk, after making a talk-begin sound with your mouth and a virtual keyboard that you see floating in front of us rather than use a a regular keyboard layout. Thirdly, no need to put both hands on any table and if you’re walking, you could also put both hands on your stomach & use that as a solid surface for typing. Al last, people use eyes to manually punch out keys on a virtual keyboard which is floating in front of them.

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