How to fix a Wet Phone

Have you ever drop your phone in the pool, washed in a washing machine, into a toilet & in a beach. Well! Somehow happens with me and I went to the repair shop; the guy don’t even fix properly and I lose my whole data, specially my girlfriend images, list of cool friend contacts that really sucks. So, for future to overcome with this issue I search online that what to do, then find four steps to fix this thing.


How to fix a wet phone


  • First shut down you phone and instantly remove your phone battery, because if it’s on due to water the phone can short out the circuits.
  • Secondly remove SIM chip because of your contacts, as we know chip retains some on board information.
  • In next step, use rice to remove moisture from the phone. Take a bowl of uncooked rice or silica gel and insert your phone inside the rice or silica get bowl for 2-3 days without wasting your time.
  • Finally, insert your phone battery and charge it on.



Note: Do not ever use any hair dryers, ovens, microwaves or extended periods in direct sunlight; just avoid any sort of heat process.


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