Mobikoma Mobile Phone Concept

Mobikoma has revolutionized the smartphone industry, with the introduction of one of their  concept phones. They are small powered modules that can act as individual devices. This is because, each module comes with its own computing device and power supply. The main motive behind the production of this extraordinary concept phone, was to give the user the freedom to adjust the device according to their need.

Here are some of the specifications below about Mobikoma Concept Phone:

Specifications :-

  • Design a mini cell phone sized 22mm x 44mm x 6mm.
  • Maximal or you can expand it to 1.5m x 2m.
  • 54 elements – the tablet computer
  • 2 elements – little cell phone
  • The smartphone has 18 elements – cell phone – backside
  • On the key elements programmed buttons are there
  • Other elements are without buttons.
  • On the lateral surfaces in the middle of the fixing tape there are apertures.
  • The locks of elements become apart after pushing by pin or similar subject in these apertures.
  • You can design a new needed form from these elements.
  • This tablet include all kinds of wireless communications.
  • The key elements have programmed buttons, while others come without them.
  • The tablet supports wireless connections.
  • The tablet has 54 elements, while the l phone has two.
  • The locks can easily disintegrate with the push of the pin.
  • The phone requires a special adapter for charging as the touchscreen can only be charged through thermal and kinetic operator energy.

As per user’s need, he or she can turn these modules into a phone or a tablet. With the Mobikoma phone price, it won’t be wrong to say, that you get the best deal for your money. Moreover, there are several Mobikoma phones online that can be discovered with just a click!

Mobikoma is a concept phone is based on modules and this attention-grabbing concept consists of square shaped elements which helps to each other via micro locks. Moreover, when all blocks are join together that will give birth to a phone or tablet. This Mibikoma multi-functional concept is given by designer Kamil Izrailov.


Furthermore, “Mobikoma’s module” has its own power supply and computing processor making it a powerful individual. However, the purpose is to use them collectively like a phone. Furthermore, there are other two specific elements which dedicates to the SIM storage within the phone memory and microphone. In the end, enjoy with the pros of a mini cell phone and a full sized tablet with Mobikom/Mabikoma.

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