Upcoming lifestyle without glass is nothing

In a mertialistic world we cannot live without our daily necessities. So, the concept of this video’s post features the company’s vision of a future where high tech glass would make our lives simpler and more comfortalbe. With ongoing companion with technologies, highly engineered glass propagated Corning’s vision for the future of glass which is totally based on gadgetry. Corning has now released a sequel to the video called “A Day Made of Glass” which develops the futuristic vision introduced to the world a year ago.

Moreover, this video shows glass in the future would not be just glass, it would be a highly sophisticated machine in itself that would allow us to turn virtually ever surface in our homes, vehicles, malls, markets, roads and offices etc into touch enabled displays. This means that we would be able to use handheld tablets to instantly scan and project all kinds of data as well as use it to interact with other glass displays. The glass concept is in the windows of our homes and automobiles that would be intuitive enough to tint itself with a single touch command. Furthermore, the high tech glass would improve the efficiency of photovoltaics and make classrooms more attractive for students or this makes learning as a fun. The most promising technology showcased in this video is the 3D holograph projecting display that would let doctors section off any part of the virtual patient and get a closer look at what’s happening inside them. Watch the video for more.

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